The people’s sport

Already at the beginning of the last century, ‘the dribbling game’ with the sole rule of stopping the ball by hand and then moving it forward with the foot, was played all over England on lawns, sandy surfaces, or just on the street. It doesn’t need further explanation that in these days, the game of soccer was a rough game with many injuries.

Nowadays, the sport itself as well as the soccer surfaces have improved strongly. Artificial turf for soccer has gone through a real revolution since the 1960s. At first, mainly the practical advantages of artificial turf compared to natural grass were looked at. Nowadays, optimal playing characteristics in all weather conditions, preventing injuries, and making soccer players better are the most important principles of a soccer field system.

Performance-filled soccer fields

A performance-filled soccer field is the most realistic alternative for natural grass an artificial turf pitch has to offer.  The so-called 3rd generation of artificial soccer fields (3G pitches) come in many varieties. Edel Grass offers a diverse program in yarn shapes, heights, and tuft density to build FIFA or other certified systems.

Depending on combinations of technical features, such as sub-base and infill type, the intensiveness of use can be lab-tested and -certified. By building according these certified specifications, a field’s performance can be predicted and guaranteed for years.

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Performance infill-free soccer fields

Skip the hassle, just play!

A (performance) infill-free grass system offers a fair amount of all the playing characteristics found in performance-filled systems. The big advantage of our systems is the lack of performance infill, such as SBR, TPE, EPDM, and/or cork.

Not having to fill the system with granulate, only occasionally with stabilizing sand, leads to fast and affordable installing possibilities. It is worth mentioning that this also leads to the deduction of maintaining costs.

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