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Edel Grass works on a system-based approach. We regard the synthetic turf pitch as a carefully thought out system in which the top layer has to work with the right substrate to create perfect playing properties.

Each site requires a customized solution. Moreover, each level of play makes specific requirements of the system. That is why we always work with the same partners, since they are in the best position to assess local circumstances. As a result, we are always able to deliver a customized system in which the client’s wishes and local conditions are used as our point of departure.

Synthetic turf system

A synthetic turf system is made up of various components. The correct combination of these components guarantees a perfect performance from the field. A distinction is made between the surface layer and the sub-base.

The surface layer of a synthetic turf system consists of the fiber, the backing, and the infill material. This provides most of the playing properties, such as friction resistance, ball roll, and low sliding resistance.

The sub-base is the foundation of the system. The sub-base also influences the playing properties, providing shock absorption, ball rebound, deformation behaviour, and energy restitution.


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