Edel ID. Smart

The unmatched Edel id. hockey experience, economicly designed

Edel ID. Smart is an economically designed hockey turf, containing the best ingredients for our premium Edel ID. hockey product, against an interesting price level. To make this possible, Edel ID. Smart can be as dense as its premium brother, but without the Felt backing. It still guarantees outstanding playing characteristics. Edel ID. Smart is the best choice to build an economically interesting water-based hockey system.

  • Thermofixed Knit-D-Knit yarn
  • 1,2 mln. filaments p/m2
  • Excellent water retaining capacity
  • Certified on E-layer, ET-Decke, and/or Shockpad
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  • Premium hockey turf
  • Economic choice
  • Fast and consistent surface
  • Outstanding performance
  • FIH Global certification

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