Edel TX Energy

Texturized long lasting and resilient sand-filled hockey surface

The Edel TX Energy is a true allrounder when it comes to hockey turf. Texturized surfaces have been around since ages. And even though we offer several sand-filled or sand-dressed surfaces for hockey, a texturized system like the Edel TX Energy cannot be ignored. With an esthetically nice and dense surface it let’s even more people enjoy the sport. Even better; the Edel TX Energy is also suited for multi-sport applications!

  • Texturized yarns
  • Fresh bi-color green
  • Perfect sand restraining
  • Good sand covering
  • Nice esthetics
  • Suitable for multi-use
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  • All levels of play
  • Dense surface
  • Non-directional behaviour
  • Ideal for intense use
  • Maintenance friendly

Specifications Edel TX Energy

  • Yarn shapeTexturized monofilament
  • Pile materialPE
  • Yarn width0,9 mm
  • Yarn core175 μm
  • Yarn colourOlive & Field green
  • Dtex6720/8
  • Gauge3/16"
  • Primary backingPolypropylene
  • CoatingLatex
  • Roll lengthCustom
  • Approvals

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