Edel Base

Strong and affordable multi-use sport product

Edel Base is the most economic multisport product we offer. It is developed solely for (urban) playgrounds and multisport pitches of different sizes. The low density requires a fair amount of stabilizing sand fill.

The sand filled field is perfectly playable for players in all levels and can be enjoyed in- and outdoors, all year-round. If you need to realise a strong and robust multisport field against a limited budget, Edel Base is the product to choose.

  • Low density budget product
  • Stabilizing sand for performance
  • Strong fibrillated XT yarns
  • Roll width incl. white line

Available colours


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  • Year-round performance
  • Excellent wear and tear
  • Proven quality and lifespan
  • Economic choice
  • ITF classified court pace - 3 Medium

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