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The general term ‘sport’, with which the modern form is indicated, originates in England. Most world languages have a term derived from ‘sport’, such as ‘spor’, ‘desporter’ or ‘deport’, and many technical sport terms can also be traced back to the English language. Nowadays, all sort of types of sports are spread across the world.

For a long time, the meaning of sport was underestimated. Since the last century, the importance of sport in societies has been valued as it should be. Sport connects and brings people together. It provides fun and relaxation and with sports people can compete in a healthy way. Sports fields and good multisport surfaces are indispensable. Multisport systems of an artificial multisport surface are ideal for this purpose and, therefore, meet an important global need.

Edel Grass' multisport systems

Edel Grass’ artificial multisport surfaces are gathered of existing sports products designed for a specific application. Often, the biggest difference is that a multisport system is designed for multiuse. Therefore, in a multisport system, specific sport requirements are exchanged for durability due to, for example, a higher intense of use. Edel Grass offers multiple types of multisport systems, like sand-filled, sand-dressed, and performance-filled fields, all with their own characteristics and advantages. Sustainability is one of Edel Grass’ highest priorities. For this reason, all of our multisport surfaces are ecologically responsible produced and safe to people and the environment. Whichever artificial multisport system you prefer, they will all meet the strictest environmental guidelines.

We strive to be your partner, to support you in successfully building your Edel Grass multisport system. Please let our sales department advise you in selecting the best yarn to build your perfect artificial grass multisport system. For more information or advice regarding your multisport surface, call +31 38 425 00 50 or send an email to

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