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The intensive team sport

Rugby was first introduced to English schools in the 19th century. From there on, the sport gained worldwide fame and it grew to be one of the biggest sports in England and the United States of America. Since rugby is an extreme intensive contact sport, it is critical to play it on top of a safe and shock resistant surface. Back in the days, there was no such thing. But at this moment, Edel Grass produces the best, safest, and most uninjured artificial rugby pitches the sports world has to offer.

When talking about rugby, people mostly refer to Rugby Union, which is played in leading countries, like England, the USA, South-Africa, and New Zealand. Rugby is an extremely intensive contact sport in which a good rugby system is essential for preventing injuries. Generally speaking, an Edel Grass artificial rugby pitch always consists out of long grass fibers filled with sand and performance infill, built on a extra thick and strong shock-absorbing sub-base. Our rugby systems are all extensively tested to guarantee a safe field for all players. Because of this, we are one of the World Rugby’s preferred turf producers.

A performance-filled artificial rugby pitch is the most realistic alternative for natural grass. It is developed, tested and optimized to prevent injuries as much as possible. Besides all this, our systems were developed to the extent of efficient and minimized maintenance. An Edel Grass rugby system is durable. With correct use and maintenance any Edel Grass artificial rugby pitch offers a long lifespan up to 10 or even 12 years, with the guaranteed preservation of all playing characteristics. We look forward to create an artificial rugby pitch for you!

If rugby is not your sport of choice, you may be interested in our other artificial sport systems. Edel Grass recognises that all of the biggest sports in the world need the option to be played on artificial pitches and courts. Our services cover the installation, renovation and reparation of tennis, soccer, hockey and multisport systems.

Edel Grass rugby system

An Edel Grass artificial rugby pitch meets the required performance demands of official institutes worldwide. Our rugby systems are designed and built to ensure that the highest possible player welfare and performance standards are achieved. Our rugby system is not only developed for the game of rugby, but also for American Football. Our rugby systems all meet the highest quality standards and that’s what makes them stand out from the crowd! Our economic and durable rugby systems are developed for optimal ball handling, torque and traction.

Due to intensive testing, Edel Grass ensures that all installed artificial rugby pitches, which are built according to certified specifications, are safe to play on and meet the needs of rugby and American Football. Thanks to the extra dense shockpad on the foundation of our artificial rugby pitches, the chance of players being injured while playing is minimized to the max. Our rugby systems withstand maximum wear and tear, which makes it the perfect surface when you’re looking for a new or renovated rugby system.

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