Aiming to optimize and improve

Edel Grass is constantly improving and upgrading its products. We want to provide the market with innovative artificial turf systems. In doing so, we aim to supply systems that perform and help lift sports to a higher level.

Knowledge from various sources

Professional input plays a key role in the development of these systems. In addition to consulting professionals from the synthetic turf chain, we also work with players and trainers. By combining the knowledge they provide, we can deliver new innovations without losing performance.

Ecological responsibility

Furthermore, the environment is our concern. Back in the days, it was considered ‘normal’ to use raw materials from original sources and create waste. Nowadays, luckily the logical demand for circular recycling and even bio-degradable products is rising. Ecology plays a key role when we innovate and develop new systems. We work together with leading organizations and companies to maximize our efforts in ecological responsibility and to find the right solutions in becoming circular.

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