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The family sport

Modern hockey found its way to Europe and the rest of the world through English public schools in the early 19th century. Mostly, hockey was played on natural grass. But in the early 70s, synthetic hockey turf was introduced and changed the game drastically by adding more speed to the ball. Over the last decades, hockey evolved more and more as the sport is played and enjoyed by all generations and entire families. Nowadays, Edel Grass hockey systems serve the needs of professional and amateur hockey players all over the world.

We have a special bond with this sport. With a long history in hockey, Edel Grass develops, provides, and builds innovative synthetic hockey turf for worldwide partners. Although we produce many sport systems for a great diversity of sports, we are best known for our professional hockey systems. As a leading company in our field, we know how big of a growth field hockey is going through nowadays and which requirements the ideal synthetic hockey turf has to meet. All Edel Grass hockey systems are developed with the end user in mind – in this case, the hockey players. Their needs are what motivates us!

Accordingly, we build hockey systems in collaboration with multiple professional partners, among which experienced sports men and women. We are proud of our unique partnership with clubs like HC Bloemendaal, LMHC and Oranje-Rood in the Dutch 1st division (Eredivisie). Also, Edel Grass is a proud shirt sponsor of the 1st ladies team of Surbiton HC in the Investec Premier League in the UK. Together with trainers and players we create and optimize our advanced synthetic hockey turf for both professional and amateur hockey clubs.

Edel Grass’ top priorities are safety, performance, and sustainability. Our sand-filled, sand-dressed or water-based hockey systems are developed to recreate the best hockey surface possible. As a result of years of developing and testing our hockey systems, injuries are prevented and performance is put to the max. Edel Grass offers systems that are nationally and globally certified by FIH in the FIH Quality Program or on a national level by local federations like KNHB in The Netherlands. On top of it all, our synthetic hockey turf is developed to the extent of efficient and minimized maintenance. With correct use and maintenance, we can guarantee a lifespan of up to 10 or even 12 years, with the preservation of all playing characteristics. This means Edel Grass hockey systems are very durable as well.

If hockey is not for you and you’re in the market for other artificial sport systems, Edel Grass offers a range of different fields, pitches and courts. Artificial soccer pitches, tennis courts, rugby pitches and multisport surfaces are all part of our corebusiness.

Edel Grass hockey system

Edel Grass has a long history in field hockey and has always strived to improve the game by offering hockey systems of high quality. Our synthetic hockey turf is developed to meet the standards and demands of hockey players all over the world. Our portfolio shows the most used and modern hockey systems of today.

Also sustainability is one of our highest priorities. That’s why we guarantee that all of our hockey systems are:

  • Ecologically responsible produced
  • Save to people and environment
  • Strictly meeting all environmental guidelines
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Without any risk of soil contamination

Together with hockey professionals, players, trainers, and engineers, Edel Grass developed a synthetic hockey turf product collection with which any certified water-based, sand-filled, sand-obscured, and sand-dressed hockey surface can be built. We look forward to create the ideal hockey system solution for you!

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