The family sport

A field hockey-like game was first played in Greece around 300 B.C., where players hit a ball with horn ‘sticks’. Over the centuries, similar games were played worldwide and it became known as ‘the game played with sticks’. The word ‘hockey’ itself originates from the English word ‘hook’.

Modern hockey found its way through English public schools in the early 19th century, where it was played on natural grass. The striking circle was introduced and the rubber cube was replaced by a ball. Since the early 70s, synthetic hockey turf changed the game drastically because of the increasing speed of the ball. Over the last decades, hockey evolved more and more as the sport was played and enjoyed by all generations and the entire family. Nowadays, Edel Grass hockey systems serve the need of professional and amateur hockey players all around the world.

Edel Grass hockey system

Edel Grass has a long history in field hockey and has always strived to improve the game by offering hockey systems that meet the demands of all hockey players. Our synthetic hockey turf portfolio shows the most used and modern hockey systems of today.

Sustainability is one of the highest priorities of Edel Grass. Because of this, we made sure that all of our hockey systems are:

  • Ecologically responsible produced
  • Save to people and environment
  • Meeting the strictest environmental guidelines
  • Produced with 100% recyclable materials
  • Avoiding the risk of soil contamination

Together with hockey professionals, players, and engineers, we developed a synthetic hockey turf product collection with which water-based, sand-filled, sand-obscured, and sand-dressed hockey systems can be built. Please let our sales department advise you in selecting the best yarn to build your perfect synthetic hockey turf. For more information or advice regarding your hockey system, call +31 38 425 00 50 or send an email to

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