PlayGrass Shockpad

The PlayGrass HIC Shockpad can be used to create safe environments in playing areas and play grounds. The Edel Grass PlayGrass collection, combined with a shock-pad (depending on thickness) prevents from injuries caused by impact from falling.

It creates a child safe environment HIC (Head Injury Criterion) values up to 3 meters. The below table shows which thickness is required at which falling height.

  • Shockpad 25 mm + PlayGrass = HIC height 1.2m
  • Shockpad 35 mm + PlayGrass = HIC height 1.6m
  • Shockpad 45 mm + PlayGrass = HIC height 2.1m
  • Shockpad 55 mm + PlayGrass = HIC height 2.3m
  • Shockpad 70 mm + PlayGrass = HIC height 3.0m

To be used with our PlayGrass collection



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