Edel Grass is an autonomous operating company and privately owned by Antea Group. The close cooperation between these companies provides a firm foundation for the further development of high-quality and affordable artificial grass systems.

Thanks to our own research & development department, the expertise of Antea Group, our other partners, and the cooperation with international sports associations and specialized research institutes, Edel Grass is in a prime position to meet the highest demands in the frame of sports, environment, and financial viability.

In-house full-service solution

From designing and financing, via installation and maintenance to the sustainable disposal and processing of ‘end-of-life’ pitches, Edel Grass also uniquely guarantees the technical playing performance of its artificial grass fields. This gives you the reassurance that your pitches will continue to meet the specified norms for many years.

A field made to win starts with Hi…

Do you want to examine the solutions in building or renovating your sport field together with Edel Grass? Just start with hello.