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The evolution of soccer

Edel Grass is a global player in the field of innovative sport systems. We understand the need for budget-friendly, quality and environmentally friendly pitches. We understand the need for 3G pitches.

“The beautiful game” has come a long way since its inception back in 1862. To this day soccer is the largest sport on the planet, being played everywhere. Advancements in the safety and speed of the game play a large part in this. The shift in focus from practical advantages such as the low day-to-day maintenance to optimal playing characteristics which result in fewer injuries and soccer players honing their skills. However, with that being said, we take pride in the longevity of Edel Grass 3G pitches. Our pitches typically last between 10 – 15 years, needing minimal maintenance, with the added bonus that we offer soccer field renovations. Moreover, with the introduction of the third generation of pitches or, as they are more commonly known, 3G pitches these advancements and improvements have only been facilitated even more.

What are 3G soccer pitches?

3G soccer pitches are the most popular and officially most innovative type of artificial pitches, consisting of three elements: synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. We offer our clients the option to install their 3G pitches with a shock absorbent pad underneath in order to increase on-pitch performances and ball speed. The improvement that 3G pitches offer over 2G pitches is the realism in comparison to natural turf pitches and that 3G’s have a safer surface. 2G pitches typically have shorter blades which are great for sports such as hockey, where intense physical contact and challenges aren’t prevalent. But when it comes to soccer pitches, the longer blades and the mixed crumb infills (rather than the sand infill of 2G’s) are softer when sliding.

Our range of 3G pitches includes sport system solutions for any type of activity. Aside from pitches specifically tailored to soccer clubs, we also have multifunctional pitches for hockey, rugby, multisport and many more uses. The pitches are also tailor made to your wishes. There is the choice in blade height and density as well as yarn shape.

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Edel Grass’ advancements into 4G pitches

Although not officially recognized by major sporting governing bodies, Edel Grass has started advancements on 4G pitches. One of the major differences between 4G and 3G soccer pitches is the absence of any type of crumb or infill, making it more environmental-friendly. Adding to that, 4G pitches are more cost-effective as the price of installation and upkeep is less than that of 3G soccer pitches.



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