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Compared to several decades ago, the game of soccer has improved significantly. Over the years, soccer transformed from a rough game with many injuries to a safe and dynamic athletic sport. These improvements are heavily due to the developments in availability of good facilities such as artificial soccer grass. Since the 1960s, the focus of an artificial soccer field shifted from practical advantages to optimal playing characteristics (in all weather conditions), preventing injuries, and moving soccer players to become even better than they already are.

Edel Grass operates worldwide as developer, provider, and builder of innovative artificial soccer grass. As a leading company in our field, we create athletic systems for a great diversity of sports. Every Edel Grass artificial soccer field has been established with the end user in mind – in this case, the soccer players. They know what they need! For this reason, we develop soccer systems in collaboration with multiple professional partners, among which experienced sports men and women. We strive to create artificial soccer grass with the most natural look, feel, and characteristics. This way, we induce talent and encourage players to evolve into competent soccer players.

Soccer was considered to be a pretty dangerous sport in the 1960s; nowadays, Edel Grass develops artificial soccer fields according to FIFA Quality (Pro), any national Football Federations or other international standards. We consider performance and safety as a top priority. Our performance-filled artificial soccer grass is the most realistic alternative for natural grass. It is developed, tested and optimized to enhance the game of football and prevent injuries as much as possible. Besides all this, our systems were developed to the extent of efficient and minimized maintenance. Edel Grass soccer systems are durable. With correct use and maintenance any Edel Grass artificial soccer field offers a long lifespan up to 10 or even 12 years, with the guaranteed preservation of all playing characteristics. We look forward to create an artificial soccer grass solution for you!

We don’t just develop artificial systems for soccer, but for a great variety of sports. If soccer is not for you, we offer synthetic courts, pitches, fields and surfaces for tennis, hockey, and rugby. We always strive to create a custom-made artificial tennis court with the most natural look, feel, and playing characteristics. This way, we induce talent en encourage tennis players to evolve into the best version of themselves.

Performance-filled artificial soccer fields

A performance-filled artificial soccer field is the most realistic alternative for natural grass. The so-called 3rd generation of artificial soccer grass (3G soccer pitches) comes in many varieties and is always produced of performance enhancing materials. Edel Grass offers a diverse program in yarn shapes, heights, and tuft density to build FIFA or other certified systems. As official FIFA Preferred Provider, you can be sure of the best products for your artificial soccer fields at Edel Grass.

Depending on combinations of technical features, such as sub-base and infill type, the intensiveness of use can be lab-tested and -certified. The infill material of our performance-filled artificial soccer grass is durable and biodegradable, which means our products are always as environmental-friendly as possible. By building sport systems according to these certified specifications, an artificial soccer field’s performance can be predicted and guaranteed for years to come.

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Infill-free artificial soccer grass

An Edel Grass performance infill-free (non-fill) artificial soccer field offers a fair amount of all the playing characteristics found in performance-filled systems. The big advantage of infill-free systems is the lack of performance infill, such as SBR, TPE, EPDM, and/or cork. 

The one disadvantage of infill-free artificial soccer grass is the lack of the layer that promotes the playing features of the soccer field. On the other hand, not having to fill a performance infill-free system with granulate, only occasionally with stabilizing sand, leads to fast and affordable installing possibilities. This also leads to the deduction of maintaining costs.

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