In assocciation with our partner DVS-Serpev we developed and realized 3 Edel Flashblade soccer fields with surroundings in landscaping grass from the Edel Casablanca collection. The project started in October last year on the Football Campus and historic site of Domaine de Morfondé for the Île-de-France Football League, which holds 280.000 members. Edel Grass created the synthetic surfaces with a total of 33.000 square meters.

Combining nature and artificial landscaping grass

The challenge lied in developing the synthetic turf outskirts with respect to the natural surroundings. Domaine de Morfondé is surrounded by forests and meadows, thus the client asked for as much preservation of nature as possible. The used Edel Casablanca landscaping grass fits in perfectly with the scenery. Over 3.000 squared meters of Edel Casablanca 30 mm high turf was installed on the outskirts of the terrain. The sand-filled surface served as the ideal combination between a natural and artificial environment.

24.000 squared meters of Edel Flashblade

For the 3 artificial soccer pitches, we supplied our partner DVS-Serpev with the latest Edel Flashblade soccer grass in a 60 mm height and 140 stitches per meter. All 3 fields were built on a stone base and filled with sand. On top of the sand an SBR performance-infill was applied for optimal playing characteristics, creating the perfect surface for the game of soccer. Our French colleague Nicolas Lemaitre describes it as a perfect technical-financial choice, since it’s suitable for intense use at an affordable budget.

Certified soccer fields of FIFA Quality

All synthetic surfaces combined were created with a total of 33.000 square meters! Our Edel Flashblade 60/14 SB-S systems are FIFA-approved and guarantee great experiences and playing characteristics for the 280.000 members of the Île-de-France Football League. Our durable Edel Flashblade system will make the fun and performance last!

Artificial soccer pitches built to last

Here you can read more about the kickoff of the project for the Île-de-France Football League that started last year. Are you interested in an international Edel Grass project of your own? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re excited to get in touch and discuss all possibilities to make your field project a winner.

For France, contact Nicolas Lemaitre at +34 657 815 154 or email

Images via:,, Terrains des Sports.

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