The sport of padel is getting more and more popular by the day. Edel Grass notices this in the increasing amount of padel court requests globally. In Croatia, too, where many inhabitants love to play a game or two. So we were more than happy to help out when our local client Edel Sport d.o.o. asked us to install an Edel Elite Paddle Pro court in the beautiful summery color of olive green.

Edel Elite Paddle Pro is developed for all-weather tennis and paddle tennis courts and can be customized to every single location. The specific playing performance makes the system suitable for tennis courts, too, offering a unique multiuse solution. The Edel Paddle Pro system was installed on a stable, draining-free base and therefore requires relatively low maintenance. What more would you want?


With the Edel Elite Paddle Pro court, our client truly has the best of both worlds. A multi-purpose field for tennis and padel, and even other multisport purposes as well. Are you interested in a padel court as well? Edel Grass offers even more options for padel enthusiastics. Our Edel Elite Paddle Pro court is also available in a terra cotta color, and our other padel solution is the Edel Padel XT Club. This is a true padel court that can be customized to every single location.

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