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Tennis is one of the oldest sports around. The first indoor artificial tennis court was realised in the 13th century and ever since, the game gained popularity en went through some drastic developments. In 1872 the first ‘lawn tennis’ club was founded in England, and due to the invention of the lawn mower, natural grass now could also be used as base for tennis courts. Nowadays, tennis is played on a variety of surfaces such as grass, clay, and hard courts. Artificial grass is one of the most used surfaces in artificial tennis courts. An Edel Grass artificial tennis court is the perfect solution when you are considering realising a new tennis court or renovate an existing one.

As a developer and producer of innovative artificial tennis courts, Edel Grass operates worldwide in collaboration with various professional partners. They know what they need! We don’t just develop artificial systems for tennis, but for a great variety of sports, such as soccer, hockey, and rugby. We always strive to create a custom-made artificial tennis court with the most natural look, feel, and playing characteristics. This way, we induce talent en encourage tennis players to evolve into the best version of themselves.

An Edel Grass artificial tennis court has many advantages. With the tennis court renovations regulations in mind, we design our artificial tennis court grass systems according to the ITF-classifications. Here within you’ll get to choose between fields with slow, medium, or fast playing characteristics. Either way, it is possible to provide you with an all-weather artificial tennis court. Another huge advantage is the disuse of a dragging mat after a tennis match. Do you want to know more about our artificial tennis court specifications or tennis court renovations? Contact us for more information.

Artificial tennis court products

Every Edel Grass artificial tennis court product has its own specifications and advantages. But they all meet the most stringent requirements in terms of game quality. Within our artificial tennis court collection, we offer a range of products and yarns that are tailored for professional use, top performance, and/or recreational use. Are you considering tennis court renovations or new a new one? Our artificial grass is the perfect fit for your artificial tennis court.

The close collaboration with selected experts and specialized partners allows you to control the entire process, from design to installation and maintenance, of your Edel Grass artificial tennis court. The sand-filled Edel Elite LSR20 is a very robust, reliable, and solid surface for any tennis court. One of our other top products is the Edel Advantage Red Court with all the characteristics of a traditional clay tennis court. Besides these we offer the Edel Elite SuperSoft microcurl surface with very nice esthetics in which sand is almost not visible. Either way, with little maintenance and no use for a dragging mat, you will be able to enjoy all the facilities that this artificial tennis courts deliver.

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Edel Grass padel products

Padel saw daylight in Mexico in 1969. Since then, it became popular in several countries in south America, such as Argentina. In Europe, padel was first and mainly practiced in Spain. Recently, it gained much more popularity in Europe as well as on other continents.

The racket sport ‘padel’ is mostly played in couples of two against two on an enclosed court of steel and glass. The field is 1/3rd the size of a tennis court. The style and rules of padel differ from and cannot be confused with paddle tennis, which is mostly played on courts in USA and Canada. For more information about padel, you can visit PadelFIP.com. Sinds June 2020 in The Netherlands Padel is administrated by the dutch tennis federation KNLTB.

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