Sports can feel mandatory for a lot of people. They “have to” move and exercise to stay healthy and be able to eat what they want. How amazing would it be to have a place where sports, play, and exercise can be healthy AND fun? The Athletic Skills Company aims for a public space just like that. They’re actively combating exercise poverty amongst youth and adults by introducing a different train of thought about sports, called the Athletic Skills Model.

The Athletic Skills Model consists of playing sports and exercising in a challenging environment with lots of color. The Athletic Skills Company’s projects are characterized using different materials, the craftmanship of KSP Kunstgras as the responsible contracting partner including artificial grass from Edel Grass! We’re happy to contribute to a healthier and happier landscape in the sports infrastructure.

Skills Garden

A good example of the Athletic Skills Model can be found in the Skills Garden in Almere Haven, designed by the Athletic Skills Company in collaboration with Kragten and realized by KSP Kunstgras as main contractor. The park has been open to the public since June 2019 with contributions from Erik Scherder and Erben Wennemars. We’re proud to play our part in keeping youth and adults healthy in a fun and safe environment!

Play it safe

Do you want to help the people in your region staying healthy and learning to love sports? Edel Grass can help you there. Contact us for more information or take a look at our portfolio to see a variety of our sports products.

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