Edel Grass has been a FIFA Preferred Producer sinds the start of the turf producer programme in 2005. In fact we built the very first FIFA certified field in the world! For years we’ve worked together with and for FIFA, creating opportunities by building football fields for local people in the far-est and most challenging places worldwide. Having such a good relationship with world’s most important organization when it comes to football, sometimes also results in a pleasant co-operation different from the usual.

This time by helping the municipality of Zürich, FIFA’s hometown, to create a temporary solution for an old city center based linen laundering factory. The ZWZ-Gebäude, situated right next to the new Prime Tower (tallest building in Switzerland) in the hip and happening Industriequartier District 5, needs to make room for luxury city apartments and is nominated to be demolished 7 years from now. Till then, the municipality of Zürich came up with a plan to keep the old factory in use by offering schools and the public community of Zürich a place where they could play sports and work on their health in a gym. Zürich municipal employees will be taking care of the daily operation of this project.

Turn-key field building

As social responsibility is one of the goals in the FIFA statutes, FIFA offered the municipality to support this idea by supplying two speed soccer courts, including boarding, side and roof nets to keep the ball in the game. Also Edel Grass actively publicizes the idea of making sports available for all. And so, by FIFA order, the Edel Grass international contracting team got the assignment to deliver and turn-key build the two speed soccer courts in Zürich.


Infill-free soccer fields

Both fields were designed and built with the Edel Soccer 5 XP artificial grass. A 27 mm quality in the Edel Grass infill-free product range with 17 stitches in a natural bicolor green. The turf system is built on a bound concrete base and to improve shock absorption, to enhance play and prevent injuries, a Trocellen shock pad was applied.

Supplying partners

Our FIFA Forward partner W&H Sports took care of the delivery of boarding, goals and nets. And before the turf and other field materials were shipped to Zürich, our sign partner Prestige applied FIFA’s recently launched new campaign and vision on football logo’s ‘FIFA Living Football’ onto the boarding. Read more about FIFA Living Football here. The Edel Grass installation team installed and handed over the courts to FIFA and the Zürich municipality officials last week.

For more information about field building, field materials or turn-key soccer courts, please contact one of our engineers at the Edel Grass int. contracting dept. via +31 38 425 00 59 or send an email to m.vanspriel@edelgrass.com.

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