Soccer club Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine’s pride and national champion, choose two premium soccer systems from Edel Grass for their Youth Academy. At the end of 2021, we realized one indoor and one outdoor soccer field for the youngsters to train their way to success. Just in time for the new year, since Dynamo Kyiv celebrates their 95th anniversary in 2022.

Dynamo Kyiv has played in the Ukrainian Premier League since its foundation and has never been relegated to a lower division. For the younger generation to match that level of expertise, it’s of great importance they get to practice on a professional surface of the best quality. We as Edel Grass and our local partner are very proud that Dynamo Kyiv selected two of our FIFA Quality Pro soccer systems for their Youth Academy!

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Edel Hybridblade with cork infill

For the indoor pitch, we selected the Edel Hybridblade with cork infill for the youth of Dynamo Kyiv. The combined yarns and high Dtex of 18.200/7 make sure that the infill stays in place. On top of that, excellent wear and tear is provided. The cork infill contributes to a better indoor air quality for optimum playing conditions and gives the pitch a natural look.

Edel Powerblade with green rubber infill

The outdoor pitch consists of an Edel Powerblade system with green rubber infill. An extremely durable 16.000/6 Dtex and 410-micron propellor-shaped two-tone yarn! It’s designed to build soccer systems that last and perform under the toughest conditions. The colour combinations of yarn and infill give the pitch a great esthetical look.

Players of the future

We’re honored to be contributing to the success of Ukraine’s players of the future. If you’re interested to know more about our professional sports products, be sure to contact us. We’re happy to realize premium sports fields for you as well!

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