Padel is a relatively new sport that’s gaining in popularity quickly. In Europe, padel was first and mainly practiced in Spain. Now, it’s played in all countries and many other continents as well.

Padel is played in couples of two against two on an enclosed court of steel and glass. The field is 1/3rd the size of a tennis court. The style and rules of padel differ from and cannot be confused with paddle tennis, which is mostly played on courts in USA and Canada. For more information about padel, you can visit

WGS Wellness Group

This year, our Danish partner WGS Wellness Group installed two high-class padel courts in their beautiful country. Edel Grass values all its long lasting partnership with WGS Welness Group. WGS is the dominant force for delivering high-end artificial turf solutions in the Danish and Greenlandic market. WGS specializes in soccer, tennis and padel courts and multisport fields.

Ready for more

The final customer was extremely pleased with the performance of the two padel fields. So pleased in fact, that they’re already planning for expansion. We hope to be working together with them again soon!

Are you looking to build your own padel courts? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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