Edel Grass is proud to be operating worldwide. In the summer of 2020 three mini Edel Flashblade soccer pitches in distant Mongolia were realized, all on different locations: the Zavkhan, Uvs and Bulgan provinces. These soccer pitches are now ready for the local youth to be enjoyed and played on!

Together with the client, the Mongolian Football Federation (MFF), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) invested in this project to support local youth, schools and football in general. Here, they can come together, sport together and stay healthy. Our contracting partner HBS LLC is located in Ulaanbataar, 1.400 km’s away from the far-est pitch in Uvs. Therefore, our Area Sales Director and agent Berry Bey supported HBS in the realization of the pitches.

Three’s a charm

The Mongolian Football Federation requested three artificial soccer fields in Zavkhan, Uvs and Bulgan, all with the purpose to get the local youth together and support the game of football. The pitches installed by our contractor were all 20 by 40 meters. The turf used was the classic Edel Flashblade, the perfect and affordable field for multi-use and intensive play. With a pile height of 60 mm and stitch rate of 14 stitches per 10 cm, the field will do just what it is ment to do: fulfill all needs of the players. The unbound sub-base was stabilized with silica sand and as a performance infill, SBR was used. Now, it’s time for the young Mongolian players to get together and… play!

Here, we see the General Manager of HBS, an MFF board member handing over the football and the General Secretary of MFF.

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