Last updated September 6, 2019

The deal is sealed! The replacement of the main soccer field at Sports Club Genemuiden in our hometown started. Club as well as players were very satisfied about the performance of the old Edel Future DS soccer system for over 9 years.

They played it intensively in the ‘Hoofdklasse‘ (third highest amateur league) in The Netherlands and very much wanted to receive a field again, that could meet the outstanding quality of the old one. On top of that, it also had to offer the latest developments and technology in artificial grass soccer systems. The logic result of these demands was to choose Edel Grass again as their premium artificial turf supplier/contractor for the new field ?

Edel Future Next


We install a taylor made soccer system and unofficially call it ‘Edel Future Next’. It meets the challenging performance standards and strict environmental regulations of today. To realise this, we used a combination of our unique Edel Future DS and the proven Edel Diamondblade yarn and developed a sand and hybrid EPDM filled soccer system; a mixture of EPDM and hemp. The combination of yarns and materials offer some advantages and make it a truly unique soccer system.

  1. It offers players a natural performing artificial soccer field.
  2. The field is built with recyclable, natural and reused materials.
  3. The infill and a water retaining thatch yarn slightly control the field temperature in warm conditions, keeping the field as cool as possible when irrigated.

Renovation and building process

The header images show the actual status and the official contract signing on the 22nd of June with Bert Hoekman (club board member accomodations), Sjaak Pleijsier (club secretary) and Ralph Teunissen (managing director Edel Grass). We will regularly place a series of images, video’s and updates on this page to show the building process. The complete renovation takes approximately one month.

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