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Surbiton HC is a leading hockey club in the United Kingdom, located in Surbiton, southwest London. The club was founded in 1874 and is one of the oldest hockey clubs in the world. Over the years, the club has become a powerhouse in the sport, with multiple titles and awards to its name. They have won both the men’s and women’s top leagues in England several times.

In recent years, the club has seen strong growth in membership, to over 1,000 members. The club has a thriving youth section and organizes various programs to promote the sport in the local community. Surbiton Hockey Club is considered the number one hockey club in the United Kingdom, a position they have held for many years.

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Modern eco-friendly hockey surfaces

After a period of preparation, the club started a two-phase project in 2022 to renovate their two main full-size hockey pitch and also build a new half-size training pitch.

The contractor and installer of the project was Blakedown Sport & Play. An Edel Grass installation partner within the UK and a leading company in the construction of sports fields with over 50 years of experience in the industry.

In phase 1, Blakedown replaced the Edel Triple-T water-based main pitch and a sand-obscured Edel Triple-T system on pitch 2. Both pitches were replaced by their successor the Edel ID. This new Edel ID 14-30 EL 15 water-based system is well-known and appreciated in both the top as the recreational hockey world and has been approved by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for Global use.

In phase 2, a new training pitch was built. For this surface, Blakedown recycled the old Edel Triple-T Sand Obscured surface into a sand-obscured half-size training field.

The benefits of the renovation and new build project are numerous. The new pitches have the most modern hockey surface, incorporating knit-de-knit (KDK) yarn technology. The water-based system consumes very little water, making it an environmentally friendly solution. It is even possible to play on the pitch without irrigating it before.

The Edel ID water-based pitches  are designed to last for many years, giving the club access to first-class facilities for years to come.

Part of Surbiton HC’s top hockey masterplan 2024

The club’s top teams now have two full-size hockey surfaces that support their tactics even better and improve their chances of success in the league. In addition, the new half training field provides much-needed space for youth and school hockey programs to train and play.

“ We really love the pitches and they’re exactly what we were looking for! Fast and slick. Something we knew Edel Grass were probably the only company that could deliver this! ”

Will Fulker – Surbiton HC

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In summary

The renovations and new build pitches help to strengthen Surbiton Hockey Club’s position as the number one hockey club in the United Kingdom. The club now has access to the best facilities that enable them to attract and retain top talent and develop the next generation of hockey stars.

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