Edel Grass values innovative and sustainable projects. For every single sports or leisure system, we aim for not only the highest quality, but also the most durable and environment-friendly products. Last year, we received a tender for the renovation of a soccer field in Schöneiche, Germany. They requested us to provide them with an EPDM-infill system. At first, we chose to offer the system we agreed upon, but after obtaining the order together with our client, we decided to go for a more natural solution.

Our German contractor SAS Sportanlagen-service facilitated the client with a soccer system that’s both natural looking and build with natural products. The soccer field in Schöneiche near Berlin is home to the club of SV Germania 90 Schöneiche. Playing in the Landesliga, they need a professional and comfortable soccer field to play their matches at their best. Therefore, the Edel Twinblade 40/14 turf was installed with cork as a performance-enhancing infill. Cork supplier Amorim explains that their ‘energy restituting cork technology’ helps the turf system to be likely more gentle to players limbs and knees.

Better comfort, better performance

Even though the system is designed as a performance infill-free system, it can be customized according to the wishes of the client. In this case, we produced the turf with a longer pile height and applied natural cork as performance infill. There are many advantages to the use of natural cork, such as low density, high elasticity, decay resistance, high strength, low wear and no environmental toxicity. Together with a stabilizing infill of recycled sand, the overall underground makes for a smooth playing surface for SV Germania 90 Schöneiche.

Recyclable and durable

For this renovation we reused both the stabilizing sand infill and the sub-base of the existing field. The reused ET-decke forms a solid foundation for the intensively played soccer grounds. In combination with the Edel Twinblade system, this is a real value for money soccer field that will be perfect for the next years of playing! This truly custom-made project is a great example for the work Edel Grass supplies for her clients. Custom is our standard!

Positive reactions

We were very pleased to receive several positive reactions of SV Germania 90 Schöneiche and their players over the last period of time. The comfort and performance of the pitch are very good compared to the old field with synthetic infill.

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