Edel Grass has welcomed a new satisfied customer to its family. In the capital of Tahiti, Papeete, we built a full-size FIFA-certified soccer field on the technical center of the national soccer federation (the FTF: Fédération Tahitienne de Football). Just take a look at these pictures and the happy faces, and you know the soccer field is fulfilling its purpose!

The FTF asked us for a robust and long-lasting professional soccer field. We immediately knew what the right system would be for them: the Edel Flashblade 45-14. As we speak, the field has already run through and passed all inspections and certifications. This means that the players can now use the new field to develop their talents or to simply enjoy themselves.

Edel Flashblade

When you look for FIFA quality, you say Edel Flashblade. With its 12.000 Dtex and matt finishing, Edel Flashblade perfectly covers performance infill and gives the field an outstanding natural look. Due to its flash-shaped yarn, the piles stay upright when played intensively. We’ve also provided the pitch with a drainage substructure, good fencing, and irrigation. That really completed the picture and left us again with a happy and satisfied client!

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