Speaking of unique project locations! The construction of the hockey field at INS Shivaji, a Naval base in Lonavala, India, was no ordinary one. We already started construction for our client Acosa Sports Infrastructure Services in September 2020. It turned out to be a long and difficult process. But the result is definitely there!

The location of this Edel ID 14/30 field is in the Kurvande hills, better known as the Tiger Hill on the way to Amby valley, Lonavala. This location is tough to access by road, and being a defense location, the security measures for entry and exit into the Naval facility were extremely stringent. In other words: a great opportunity and challenge that we did not shy away from. The installation was carried out by a third party under the expertise of the Edel Grass International contracting department.

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Patience is a virtue

Our client also experienced the project as a challenge: “Two COVID pandemics and two long rain seasons tested our patience to a breaking point. Sometimes, the thought of quitting the project even crossed our minds. But great support from the Naval officers and their undying spirit of serving the nation kept us going. The project also speaks highly of Navy’s highly organized management of Pandemic SOPs and then helping our crew to have smooth access of facility and creating special working rooms for our crew.”

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One for the books

Eventually, we completed the project on December 23, 2012, just before Christmas. The Edel ID 14/30 field is FIH Global Certified and is definitely one for the books. As our client himself says: “This is a respectful salute to the nation’s tireless sentinels: Indian Navy.”

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