Last September 2022 FIFA certified the resurfaced and most important football field for professional competitions within the Mongolian Football Federation (MFF). The football field situated in the MFF Stadium, meets dimensions of 110 meters in length and 73 meters in width including runoffs. It is the main field of the Federation located in the Khan-Uul District in the south of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The uniqueness of this newly upgraded field lies in the fact that it is the very first artificial turf football pitch in Mongolia, topped off with a natural cork granulate performance infill and a FIFA certificate. The field itself, including foam, sand, and cork, is also completely recyclable/renewable. Making it the most sustainable and environmentally friendly artificial football pitch in Mongolia today.

Mongolian Football Federation FIFA certified field  MFF Stadium Ulaanbataar FIFA certified field Mongolia
Firts FIFA certified field with cork infill in Mongolia

The Mongolian Football Federation granted the job to Mongolian sports field contractor HBS LLC. They offered them a FIFA approved system called Edel Hybridblade T50/13 FP-C. This system, designed and produced by Edel Grass in the Netherlands, already passed lab testing for FIFA approval. In these tests the system needs to prove it maintains necessary and minimal technical requirements regarding playability, player safety, ball roll/speed/bounce and wear and tear. Even in challenging environments and under harsh conditions like Mongolia.

After completion, Labosports locally tested the realized field in Ulaanbaatar for final FIFA approval. Which it passed. The FIFA Quality Pro Certificate handed out to the Mongolian Football Federation, confirms the quality and A-status of the field.

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FIFA Quality Pro field certificate

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