A safe, fun learning environment where every child is valued, and all children are challenged to achieve their best. That’s what Fawkner Primary School in Victoria, Australia stands for. The aim of the school is to instill important life skills, friendships, confidence, and creativity through play for all children, which they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

What fits better with these values than creating an environment where play and fun take center stage? Champion Grass (part of Premier Grass and Edel Grass partner in Australia) built two new sports fields to keep the students of Fawkner School motivated and healthy. This first is a multifunctional basketball court including a sprint track and a hopscotch course. The second is a soccer field with a surrounding running track. The ultimate space for children to enjoy their time at primary school to the fullest!

Multifunctional basketball court

The basketball court was built using the sand filled Edel Elite LSR20 system on an existing concrete substructure. This sustainable and player-friendly solution is often used for multisport purposes and has proven quality and lifespan, even with intense use throughout the day. The court’s purpose is not solely to be used for basketball games, it’s also the perfect space for sprinting, hopscotch, and creative play. The blue squares on the side of the field are areas for games that are up to the children’s own creative interpretation.


Dcim100mediadji 0128.jpg

Soccer field with a surrounding running track

When looking for a complete soccer field, Edel Powerblade 40/17 is the way to go. The sustainable substructure of the field consists of recycled rubble and a performance-infill consisting of a combination of silica sand and rubber granulate from recycled rubber tires.

The full-size soccer field simultaneously consists of two mini soccer fields, which makes it a true multipurpose soccer field. Surrounding the soccer field, a sand-filled Edel Elite LSR20 running track has been installed on the solid sand bottom. Fawkner School students now have more than enough opportunities to practice sports and games!

Dcim100mediadji 0146.jpg

Multipurpose fields for your school?

Fawkner School is by no means the only school to recognize the value of sports, teamwork, and health. Are you looking for new sports fields or systems to add to your learning environment as well? Reach out and contact us, we are more than happy to advise you in a solution that fits your school best.

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