Custom made Edel Elite LSR tenniscourt at TC Füllinsdorf, Switzerland

At Tennis Club Füllinsdorf in Switzerland a special type of tennis surface is realised by our Swiss partner Tennisbau AG and coordinated by an expert at one of our Dutch installing partners GCC Sport Surfaces.

To meet the wishes of the club in having an extra stabilized tennis ground, which has the playing characteristics and the look of a clay surface, we came up with an adjusted version of our proven product Edel Elite LSR 20. All  Elite LSR tennis products have a medium ITF Classified court pace in the 3rd category.

Custom made Edel Elite LSR

For the Füllinsdorf court we customized the standard LSR product and produced it in a longer pile length at 27 mm. After installation of the grass, the surface is filled with two types of sand. First a layer of normal stabilizing sand is driven in by a sand distributor and brushed equally. Second a layer of red sand is scooped in by hand and carefully distributed and equalized.

Original clay court lining

Another specialty to this court is that the linings are not tufted in the grass as usual. The plastic linings used here are mounted on steel profiles, which are also used in classic clay courts. This way they are on top of the field and stick out a little. The red sand top layer is then brushed against the lining, creating a safe and smooth surface with good visible linings.

In August 2019 Tennisbau will build 4 more tennis courts using the Edel Grass tennis systems Edel Paddle Pro and the premium ITF category 1 classified product Edel Advantage Redcourt.


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