Late summer this year we got the unique opportunity to tender into a nice project at Tasta Idrettspark in Stavanger, Norway! Two fields had to be replaced at this public sports facility in Vardenes in the north of Stavanger. Set out by the municipality of Stavanger and demanding a robust field, our partner Proturf chose to offer a system using a real powerhouse yarn! Our Edel Powerblade with a 410-micron core!

Proturf was established in 2016 by 4 former colleagues at Unisport. All with a ton of experience! Their clear ambition from scratch was to offer the best total solution in artificial turf and synthetic coatings. As we are a quality driven company as well and cherish this in our DNA, Proturf and Edel Grass are a perfect match to finish this job.

Optimal performances

The old fields were stripped from their carpets and the existing e-layer was cleaned and prepared for reuse. As the elastic sports layer already provides some shock absorption, the yarn system could be limited to a 40 mm pile height. The field was built according to our FIFA Quality Pro tested and approved Edel Powerblade system. This includes a stabilizing sand infill and SBR granules top-off for optimal performance.

Stavanger is the place to be

The Stavanger region is known for its beautiful surroundings and many cultural places. Its rock formations that rise up over 1.000 meters above sea level are astonishing. Lonely Planet appointed the world famous ‘Preikestolen’ the most breathtaking viewing point on earth! When oil was first found in 1969 in the North Sea, Stavanger also became the center of the oil industry in Norway. This resulted in a fast growth of the city since the 70s. Nowadays, Stavanger is called the culinary capitol of Norway and is well-appreciated for its excellent kitchen.

Who wouldn’t love to fill up their tummy after a game of soccer there!

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