Unlimited tile system

Mobile grass tile-based system


I am innovative & unique

I can be easily installed, replaced, and reused by just one individual through my intuitive Click & Go puzzle-shaped tiles. I have build-in horizontal & vertical drainage systems for perfect water run-off.

I am easy, flexible, & reusable

I combine a natural look with softness and safety and I am certified for fall heights up to 1.3 meters. This makes me ideal for fun and play environments, backyards, and playgrounds! I absorb your fall up to 130 centimeters!

I am soft & safe

I offer a comfortable solution, permanent or temporarily. I am easily installed at playgrounds, on terraces, and in patios or backyards. I am quickly laid at events, balconies, or even camping sites.

I am easy & quick

I can be easily cut to shape, am easy to handle and to maintain, also in small spaces or 20 stories up! I provide build-in insulation and a guaranteed dimensional stability. Thought Sponge Bob was square? Think again!

I am Unlimited

Suitable for terraces, roof gardens, playgrounds, presentations, showrooms, and trade fairs.

I am 98 x 98 x 5 cm

Enjoy & relax!

A garden made to relax starts with Hi…

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