I am Unlimited

A one-of-a-kind invention on which extraordinary events take place. I am a high-quality and unlimited tile-based floor system, giving people endless opportunities and possibilities. Suitable for balconies, terraces, camping sites, events, roof gardens, and playgrounds. I am easy to understand, install, cut to size, and replace. Just as it is, no guidelines required. Anytime.

Edel Grass Unlimited collection

  • Portable artificial grass tile system
  • Easy installation & replacement
  • Suitable for balconies, terraces, camping sites, and events
  • Integrated insulation and drainage
  • Shock absorbing HIC value of 1.3 meter
  • 100% EU Quality – Made in The Netherlands

A garden made to relax starts with Hi…

Do you want to examine our solutions in landscaping grass or do you want to replace or realize your new garden with Edel Grass? Just start with hello.