GBN-AGR’s brand new turf recycling plant

The new GBN-Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR) plant for recycling artificial turf sport pitches we participate in is fully operational. Just before the summer, the processing of pitches that have reached the end of their lifespan this year has started. With an output of three certified new raw materials, the recycling process is almost 100% circular. GBN-AGR is a collaboration of several chain partners (read more below).

The GBN-AGR recycling plant has been given a place in the circular cluster of the Westelijk Havengebied, Amsterdam. On the site, covering an area of 30,000 m2, the entire process from end-of life artificial turf to high-quality end products takes place. This prevents interim storage at other locations or transport abroad. The plant has sufficient capacity to process the entire annual amount of end-of-life artificial turf sports pitches in The Netherlands. This concerns approximately 200 pitches that no longer have the required sports technical qualities after years of use. Until recently, these ended up on a large waste heap due to a lack of a responsible sustainable processing facility.

100% recycled products

In the recycling process, sand and rubber are shaken out of the artificial turf and then separated and washed to recover their full value as pure raw materials. The mats themselves are shredded and processed into the so-called Recycled Turf Agglomerate (RTA). The clean sand is again suitable as an infill in artificial turf sports fields or, for example, as drainage sand. The cleaned rubber granules find their way mainly to industry and the RTA lends itself well to a variety of plastic applications.

The three 100% recycled products are certified to the highest standards. They are high quality raw materials with a high environmental value and at a price in line with the market. The production process itself is certified by Kiwa and inspected annually.

Download GBN-AGR KIWA certificate


GBN Artificial Grass Recycling was founded in April 2019 by the Alliance of Cooperating Artificial Grass Suppliers and Contractors. This alliance consists of initiator GBN (part of Strukton Civil), Antea Sport/Edel Grass, TenCate Grass/CSC Sport/Greenfields and Domo Sports Grass/Sports & Leisure Group.

All partners are individually active in the development and production of synthetic turf components, the laying of synthetic turf sports pitches and the construction of sports facilities.

More information:

Eric van Roekel (managing director) on behalf of GBN-AGR:

In the Netherlands we have linked the large supply of end-of-life artificial turf sports pitches to a concrete demand. But there is a global problem with few players. That’s why we’re also working abroad. The waste mountain of artificial turf in Holland is finally disappearing. Together with our chain partners, we are solving a major social problem and giving artificial turf sports pitches back their right to exist. We have taken responsibility for tomorrow’s earth.”

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