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Edel Grass worldwide

Edel Grass products are used all over the world in the most exotic places and for the most varied applications. Our grass can be admired on sports fields, courts and pitches in locations as diverse as Curaçao, Jordan, Estonia, China, Congo and Poland. In the various cities and villages where it is used, it provides a substrate for a wide range of sports applications. Edel Grass supplies all conceivable applications for local sports associations and clubs all over the globe.

Outdoor pitches

Our grass is the best known of all outdoor applications for large sports fields. But we also supply smaller pitches, sometimes right in the heart of the city. Good examples are the wonderful modern kick-about pitches built by the Cruyff Foundation for disabled and disadvantaged youngsters. If you have an unusual or interesting idea for a synthetic turf application, please feel free to drop by for a chat. We’d be happy to advise you.

Indoor pitches

As well as outdoor pitches, Edel Grass also supplies indoor pitches in covered stadiums. These solutions are especially popular in countries with lower outdoor temperatures, and include mini soccer pitches and softball courts, as well as riding rings for equestrian events.

Temporary pitches

Playing football on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, organising a hockey match on a city centre boulevard or holding a basketball tournament in a marketplace – almost nothing is beyond us! Edel Grass has developed the unique ‘Lock & Play system’ – a pitch that’s easy and quick to roll out, providing a temporary sports field in almost any location.

Low maintenance

In the Netherlands, local authorities create playgrounds and kick-about pitches, in addition to sports fields for local sports clubs. However, natural grass is expensive to maintain. And that’s one of the biggest advantages of synthetic turf, since these pitches require little or no maintenance to stay in optimum condition.