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Hockey; it is in our DNA

The ball speeds from stick to stick, straight as a die and at lightning speed. State-of-the-art technical innovations follow rapidly on from each other. Attractive combinations captivate the public.

In recent years, hockey has evolved into a highly dynamic sport. That would have been unthinkable without artificial grass. This reliable and hard-wearing substrate gets the very best out of the sport, which is why artificial grass is universally accepted by hockey-players. Almost all associations in the world’s leading hockey nations have one or more artificial grass pitches.

Artificial grass is the standard substrate for hockey games. Edel Grass has been a ‘player’ from the outset, and is pleased to share its decades of expertise. Feel free to find out more about us at no obligation. And take your pick from our many options, ranging from simple, sand-filled systems to our top water-based pitches.