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Changes to the beautiful game

The everchanging ‘modern’ beautiful game has seen many developments since it first saw daylight in 1862. From the way we play with rule changes and technological developments, to the facilities and supplies we use. The latter encompassing our core business: the innovations and changes to artificial sports fields. Being a global player in the installation of innovative sport systems we stay on top of developments and help push boundaries with the use of next generation systems.

However, we also recognize that sometimes it isn’t necessary to continuously upgrade and overhaul complete pitches in the interest of staying fresh and at the cutting edge. Sometimes simple maintenance and renovations of a soccer field do the trick just fine.

The benefits of taking good care

If taken care of, an artificial soccer field could last up to 10 years depending on weekly usage and maintenance. However, eventually artificial turf fields reach the end of their technical lifespan. To ensure the quality of the soccer being played and, more importantly, the safety of the players, it becomes necessary to renovate the entire field. Renovating a soccer field is no easy task, but it’s pivotal in making the field feel brand new.

As mentioned, it is no easy task. Therefore, we highly advise taking proper care of the turf as long as you can. One of the reasons local clubs are following larger league clubs in installing artificial soccer fields is the long-term cost benefits. Although initial installation of an artificial field is higher than natural turf fields, the durability and maintenance of artificial turf is what makes it desirable. The key to the maintenance cost is that, if done thoroughly and continuously the costs can be kept low. Replenishing infill, redistributing the crumbs, and clearing any foreign debris such as cigarette butts, glass or chewing gum immediately are great ways to ensure a long and healthy lifespan of the turf.

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How renovating an artificial soccer field works

Renovations are second-to-last resort. The last resort being to pull up the entire facility and lay a completely new field. To understand the process of renovating soccer fields, we have listed the steps we follow:

  1. Determining the wishes and requirements. This step could regard facilities needing updates, irrigation changes or the top layer needing replacement.
  2. Analyzing the current state of the field. This step is predominantly down to the way the field was constructed and what parts could be used in the renovation.
  3. Advisory report. Compiling a list of necessary renovations to the soccer field, and the costs associated with the renovations.
  4. Execution. Depending on the necessary renovations, this step could see us laying a new shock absorbing pad, re-level the ground or improve drainage and irrigation.


Experienced in soccer field renovations

The end of a technical lifespan is inevitable. However, at Edel Grass we make sure the transition from old field to new is seamless. You can read all about the renovations we did for Swedish club IFK Norrköping. Of course, it is not a requirement run the current artificial turf ragged. Regardless of the current state of the field, you can always contact us for information or advice on renovating your soccer field. Just open the dialogue by saying… Hi!

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