With this news report we like to inform you about the Edel Grass Sports Seminar held last May 10th at Surbiton HC. Here’s to an informative and enjoyable afternoon!

After welcoming the guests, the seminar started with a lovely warm lunch prepared by the Vanilla Bean team. During this lunch Frank Herbrink, marketing manager at Edel Grass, gave an introduction outlining the program for the afternoon.

The first speaker was Alastair Cox, Quality Programme Manager at FIH (International Hockey Federation). Alastair first talked about FIH before moving on to explain the different types of hockey fields; Subsequently he discussed why it is important to build high quality hockey fields and that a hockey pitch is a specially engineered based sports surfacing system.

Furthermore he explained that in the FIH Quality Programme, every turf has to pass tests on 40 different properties before getting an FIH approval. Besides the FIH QP, Alastair addressed the importance of sustainability and the worldwide topic and problem of water consumption. Several manufacturer’s innovations already resulted in a reduction of 60% of water usage on hockey turfs. However FIH endeavours to do better then this. Their aim is to play ‘waterless’ during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

This sports seminar was especially organised for bursars sports directors, coaches and all involved in hockey, soccer or rugby, played at clubs and in education. Edel Grass UK sales manager Gijs Peters introduced the company and briefly explained which factors are important when you need to build a new or renovate an existing sports field. Edel Grass is a grass producer and manages projects in constructing and installing fields worldwide, working with local professional partners. They rely on +30 years of experience and knowledge in realising artificial grass projects.

Edel Grass looks back on a successful afternoon. The opportunity to get in touch with sports professionals, together with a valuable partner like Surbiton HC, is an interesting and informative happening.


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The third and last presentation was held by Duncan Bennet, Managing director at Notts Sport Synthetic Surfacing. Notts Sport focusses on design & project management in field building. They are an independent engineering company with an extensive knowledge in bespoke sports pitch design and realising sport accommodations together with professional suppliers and contractors.

Also Duncan presented Notts Sport’s unique Fast Track Funding programme, launched to offer funding solutions for building a sports venue or accommodation in a quick and responsible way. Together Notts Sport and Edel Grass will complete at least 5 fields by the end of 2019.

Q&A With Paul Remington

At the beginning of this year Edel Grass decided to support 2 of the finest Surbiton HC players in their international GB campaign. At the beginning of the Q&A session Alan Forsyth and Giselle Ansley were proudly presented to the attendees as official Edel Grass Ambassadors in the FIH Pro League. Good luck guys!

Together with Paul Revington, Head Coach Development Programme for GB Hockey, Alan and Giselle took their time to answer questions from the audience. During a 45 minutes session some interesting topics were answered, such as ‘How did you grow from a school player to GB hockey international?’ and ‘In which way does the Pro League contribute in further developing GB Hockey?’.

The end of the Q&A session also meant the end of the afternoon programme. With a few drinks and some closing talks a perfect afternoon ended at Surbiton HC.


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