Edel GreenFill

100% natural and biodegradable
performance infill grain

Bio-degradable or compostable GreenFill is the latest development in green sports field technology. A performance infill grain made from 100% natural resources which can be composted after years of use in a sports field or reused by turning them into compounds again to create new infill.

When put into soil, it completely disintegrates over time. To speed up this process, also industrialized composting is possible. After the compostion process it can be applied again as a fertilizer for gardens and crops in horticulture, creating new crops such as corn, which is again a base material for GreenFill.

  • Biodegradable or circular recyclable
  • From 100% renewable resources
  • Outstanding performance

GreenFill is a new, unique and true cradle-to-cradle solution which is solely produced for its use as infill material in sports fields worldwide.

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  • Natural alternative to synthetic infills
  • Made from natural resources
  • 100% biologic and renewable
  • Similar or even better performance
  • Certified systems available

Consortium for innovation

The GreenFill consortium existing out of Senbis Polymer Innovations, Sweco Engineers, Antea Group/Edel Grass and TenCate Grass, developed GreenFill in the last years as an alternative and 100% green performance infill for sports field application. In the first place to provide a long term, ecological responsible and durable solution as an alternative for existing infills, which have been used for the last decades. Secondly, to provide an answer to the environmental micro plastic issues arising worldwide and in particular in sports field construction.

GreenFill pilot project

GreenFill has already been applied in a pilot sports field project in Emmen, the Netherlands in December 2019 and has proven its performance enhancing capabilities since. It has been (lab) tested thoroughly and is now approved for application. Senbis Polymer Innovations, as developer and owning the technology, already up scaled production and GreenFill is available for use as from June 2020.

Edel Grass offers a number of lab tested sports field systems using GreenFill as top-layer performance infill. For more information, samples and prices, please contact your local area sales manager of Edel Grass via +31 38 452 00 50 or email to info@edelgrass.com.

Read about the GreenFill pilot project

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