Edel Grass artificial turf sand and performance infills for top layers are one of the key components to create and build a sports field or system that meets the high standards or requirements for certification of any sports federation in the world. This is why we put quality and knowledge in our key values. We know which specific infill types and associating suppliers support our sports systems best, perform as agreed upon and effect the life span of our system in a positive way.

We work with quality and certified suppliers according to high and legal standards, who also have a transparent supply chain for infill materials. Edel Grass strives to advise and offer as sustainable products as possible within the (financial) scope of a project and/or local availability in specific areas worldwide. Increasingly also recycled infills, more sustainable infills and even bio degradable infills are available today.

Edel performance infill products

We offer a variety of top layer infills such as sand and performance enhancing infill granules. Find an overview of our most common infill materials below. For more information about infills or building a performance filled sports system, please contact our customer support via +31 38 425 00 50 or send an email to info@edelgrass.com.

Probable ban on artificial performance infills?

This matter became even more actual, as in June 2020 the RAC (Risk Assessments Committee) within ECHA proposed to completely ban and prohibit, with a transition period of 6 years, all artificial performance infill granules like SBR, TPE and EPDM in sports field applications. According to RAC, information of effectivity of measures for infill management to keep it in the fields and out of nature, such as edge boarding, walk-on walk-off rosters, e.g. is incomplete. On the long term, a total ban instead of infill management measures would be more effective, the committee claims. For more info please visit the following related links: This topic on ESTC website and this page on the ECHA website

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