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Playing Areas, Edel Grass’s playful product range

These days, playgrounds have to meet many different requirements. Our artificial grass applications for playgrounds combine safety with a clear and colorful appearance. They’re soft enough for children to play on but strong enough to withstand intensive use. Safe play has never been such fun!

Legislation states that fall-cushioning must be provided under all playground equipment which is 1.50 meters or higher. Playgrass® by Edel Grass incorporates a safe fall-cushioning value for heights of up to 3 meters. Now, following many successful installations in the Netherlands, the concept is also available internationally.

We can offer 2 variants: Playgrass and Colorful Playgrass. Click on one of the images to take a closer look.

Edel Grass - Playgrass
Edel Grass - Colourful Playgrass