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Edel Classic Tufted LSR
Tried & Tested FIH Global Hockey solution

Edel Hockey Classic Tufted is the water-based pitch which has proven itself National and International over the years at countless top clubs. Its micro-fibrillated, Knit-d-Knit TenCate LSR® fibres combined with a high tuft density make it a uniform pitch with optimal performance and playing characteristics. Precisely the qualities that players demand. As a result, this water-based pitch guarantees that hockey can be played at the very highest level!

Product characteristics

  • The traditional, tried and tested water-based hockey system
  • Micro-fibrillated, Knit-d-Knit TenCate LSR®/NDR fibre
  • LSR® (Low Slide Resistance) for controlled manoeuvring and slide-stopping
  • NDR (Non-Directional) for perfect ball roll properties in all directions
  • Perfect cushioning and shock absorption
  • Low/No H2O system for efficient water consumption
  • FIH Global certified
  • Designed for 3D Hockey


  • Professional level Hockey (stadium)
  • Amateur level hockey
  • Training facilities