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Testing & Certification


The FIFA Quality Programme is offering an internationally recognised and dependable industry standard for quality and reliability in the areas where it matters to football players most: the equipment, surface, technology and services used for their game. The goal of the programme is to improve the game and to protect the players, clubs and associations by endorsing products which comply with the highest safety and quality standards. The research that the quality programme is built on includes in-depth studies, surveys and analyses of players’ needs and encompasses various aspects of safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort. These studies have been carried out in collaboration with an outstanding research network consisting of universities, test institutes, sports organisations, standard institutes and independent consultants from all over the world.

Besides technical requirements, the FIFA Quality Programme also accounts for ethical standards. Social responsibility is an integral part of the certification criteria and assures compliance with ethical business practices in terms of child labour, working hours, health and safety requirements, and environmental responsibility as laid down in the code of conduct of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).
If a product is tested and the test results are compliant with all of the standards, the product can be certified by FIFA and will be awarded one of the FIFA QUALITY labels. The different quality categories have been tailored according to the needs of the players.

FIH Preferred Supplier

FIH Preferred Suppliers manufacture hockey turf products and build hockey fields allowing customers to benefit from a one-stop approach to the construction of their new hockey field. In addition to meeting all the criteria of FIH Certified Manufacturers and Field Builders, FIH Preferred Suppliers have also demonstrated a global commitment to working with the FIH to provide high-quality hockey fields suitable for international, national, club and development hockey.


The ITF Court Pace Classification Programme has been developed to assist purchasers of tennis surface products to determine the type and speed of surface most suited to their requirements. The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its Court Pace Rating from slow to fast. A surface product included on the list of ITF Classified Surfaces is classified purely on the basis of its Court Pace Rating. ITF Classification does not imply any form of ITF approval or endorsement. Any manufacturer, contractor or facility owner may apply for classification and inclusion on the ITF list. The ITF reserves the right to refuse an application for classification of a surface that it deems is not suitable for the game of tennis, whether in relation to its test values or any other reason.

IRB – Preferred Turf Producer

The national anthem begins and the tension rises. The spectators sing out, as do most of the players. Draped in the colours of our heroes, we feel the adrenaline rushing through our veins, whether we’re in the stadium, at the pub or in front of the box. We all feel the excitement, young and old, and hope for a good result … football is alive at all levels of society. It’s the leading popular sport and of inestimable value in the development of young people worldwide. Of course, it’s also big business. Stadiums are becoming bigger and more luxurious, media attention is continuing to grow and billions of people are obsessed with how their club is doing each week. The introduction of artificial grass has made the game faster. What’s more, it allows play to take place in almost all weather conditions. Nowadays artificial grass for soccer is more and more accepted, which is good news! Edel Grass routinely leads the way in new developments, and is more than happy to help you navigate the field of play.

World Rugby Regulation 22 is the regulatory framework relating to artificial surfacing for the Game of Rugby binding on all Unions and Associations. The programme which aims to boost global participation, will for the first time, regulate and standardise the development, performance and maintenance of artificial turf worldwide through the appointment of World Rugby Preferred Turf Producers and World Rugby Accredited Test Institutes to ensure that the highest possible player welfare and performance standards are achieved. The World Rugby has just launched its Preferred Turf Producer scheme to ensure that installed pitches are both safe to play on and, through research and development, can evolve with the needs of Rugby.