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Making use of one of the most modern production facilities in the world is an enormous advantage that enables us to act and adapt to customers’ demands and continually keep track of current orders.

In-house R&D centre

Edel Grass is constantly working on the improvement of existing products and the development of new products for different types of sports. Our in-house R&D centre allows us to create new solutions and react fast when customers have specific demands.

Engineering & Project Management

Our engineering department comprises  civil engineers, logistic managers and project assistants. To develop design & build concepts and through the civil expertise within the organisation, we offer our partners the opportunity to get practical support from scratch, which we consider necessary in order to be able to meet the high demands requested by international sports federations.

Installation and maintenance department

Edel Grass has fulltime employees involved in installation and maintenance activities worldwide. These experts are available for support at any level and at any time. They frequently travel to very different locations all over the world to install or maintain our fields when necessary.

Quality Control

All products are extensively tested during the development and before leaving our factory. Edel Grass follows ISO rules and procedures.