During the last months of 2018 the Edel Grass team went through an extensive external auditing process. The outcome of the audit was a reason for FIFA to renew the FPP status of Edel Grass.

With this renewal we send out a very strong signal to the market as one of the leading turf manufacturers worldwide. Edel Grass will continue producing and installing state of the art soccer fields around the globe, offering users best in class playing characteristics, safety, joy and pleasure.

With the continuation of this FIFA contract, Edel Grass is the main supplier for sport governing bodies like FIH, World Rugby and ITF. And it’s not without reason that customers worldwide are referring to Edel Grass as one of the most reliable and enjoyable companies to work with in the artificial sports grass business.

For that we do anticipate that our FIFA Preferred Producer status will contribute to the growth and the success of our valuated business partners worldwide, which will logically affect our own ambitions in a positive way.

Our renewed status as a FIFA Preferred Producer can be found on the FIFA website.

A copy of our renewed FPP Certificate is found here.

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