Our dear friends and installing partner WGS in Denmark, recently sent us a nice video. Take the opportunity to visit Tasiilaq, Greenland and one of our nicest soccer pitches in this area.

In this 40 minutes video, the most famous Danish actor Nicolai Coster-Waldau was visiting our latest Greenland pitch, which is located on the Greenland east coast in the city Tasiilaq. Nicolai is starring in the series Game of Thrones and is married to a lady from Greenland. Because of this he has made 5 programmes, which have now been broadcasted on Danish television.

Edel Future DS soccer pitch

The part with our Edel Future DS soccer pitch is approximately around minute 30 in to the programme. The video (in Danish) starts at this point. Please have a look at this magnificent field and astonishing surroundings. Tasiilaq is a very secluded city in the world, and this pitch, built by our Danish partner WGS Wellness Group A/S, has a massive impact on the every day life for people in this little village! ?


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