The first FIH certified water-based hockey surface in the world that can be played dry.

July 2019

Edel Grass is the first manufacturer of artificial grass worldwide that developed a water-based pitch that can be used without the need of irrigation and is in line with the strict standards for hockey turf set by the International Hockey Federation. Get to know Edel IDry.

The turf, after extensively being tested, fully complies with the classifications that are set within the FIH Quality Program for a FIH National certification. This means that the pitch under dry conditions meets all the required standards for hockey turf worldwide. In case an FIH Global certification is required a sprinkler installation is needed. With only a minimum amount of 1 mm water per square meter also skin friction requirements are met and the pitch is automatically upgraded to the latest requirements of FIH Global or even Global Elite.

It is possible to construct with revolutionary Edel IDry Full Grass a fast playing artificial pitch without the use of sand and water irrigation.

The continuous development of our very successful Edel ID. water based system forms the foundation for this success. Edel IDry is the latest development among the increasingly advanced technologies in the world of artificial turf production and complies with the increasingly strict regulations for the construction, installation and use of hockey pitches. 

Water sustainability 

For years Tophockey worldwide has been played on high quality artificial grass. At the moment, the water-based pitch with sprinkler installation is top of the line although it utilises dozens of m3 of water per match. Like in any other sector and industry, both sustainability and water consumption play an increasingly larger role in modern day society.

Additionally, in ‘dry’ countries like Australia, Spain or South Africa, where hockey is played at the highest level, water is evidently not available at the frequency that it is as countries where rain is much more common, such as the UK and Holland.

FIH vision on Tophockey

During the FIH hockey conference in India in November 2018, the FIH presented their vision: In the future Tophockey will be played on pitches built to the highest standards and without the loss of the demanding characteristics offered by the current water pitches but without the use of water irrigation.

As a supplier of premium quality artificial turf systems for (top) sports and leisure applications and also being the market leader in the Netherlands of hockey turf systems, our main challenge was to become the first to meet these requirements and find a solution to reduce the water use to zero.

The best alternative for obsolete semi-water-based pitches

Edel IDry is the best alternative for, or the replacement of, obsolete semi-water-based systems and for recreational hockey.

  • Edel IDry suitable new and for renovation
  • No need for a sprinkler installation
  • Zero water use
  • Pricing comparable to semi-water-based
  • Edel IDry is the future for recreational as well as tophockey

Want to know more about Edel IDry or one of our other artificial turf products? Please contact Gijs Peters at +31 (0)6 51 81 73 06 or email

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